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Wildlife & Nature

Located at the Himalayas’ foothills, near the popular hill-station of Nainital,
the beautiful Jim Corbett National Park, is famous for being home to a large number of tigers,
the highest among any Indian national park.

The tropical climate and lush green forests of India support a wide variety of wildlife. You can hope to see some of the most exotic species of wild animals and birds in the country. Every year, a large number of wildlife tours are organized in the country, through which the nature lovers explore the wildlife treasures available here. Indian is home to Gir National Park, the only abode of the Asiatic Lion in the whole world. Likewise, it also provides several abodes to the Royal Bengal Tiger.

There are a large number of national parks wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves, and bird sanctuaries in India, which serve as a repository of its rich flora and fauna. One can find not only animals but also some of the rarest birds and reptiles within the boundaries of these reserves. Apart from that, some of these national parks and sanctuaries are also visited by a large number of migratory birds every year. India, being a responsible country, has started several conservation programs to conserve rare and endangered species.

Amongst the most popular national parks of India are Gir National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Desert National Park, Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Mudumalai National Park, Valley of Flowers National Park, Periyar National Park, Pench National Park, etc. Then, there are the bird sanctuaries and wildlife sanctuaries, comprising of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. The jeep safaris and elephant safaris organized at these parks and sanctuaries are the best ways to explore its rich wildlife.

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Wildlife in India

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