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Trichur Tourist Attractions

Trichur Tourist AttractionsTrichur has many interesting places that are worth visiting. The rich historical and cultural legacy of Thrissur has made sure Trichur sightseeing tours keep you amused on your trip. Once you reach this city, you will not be left wondering as to what to see in Thrissur. One day just wouldn’t be enough for visiting the places in Trichur. So read on further to know more about Trichur tourist attractions and know about the tour to Thrissur.

Aarattupuzha Pooram
The Ayyappa Temple at Thrissur is famous for its Aarattupuzha Pooram festival that takes place in March. It is one of the most colorful carnivals of Kerala.

Art Museum
The famous Art Museum is located in the Zoo compound and is a rich treat for all art lovers and connoisseurs of anything related to art. The museum has collections of ancient sculptures, metal statues, carvings, and jewelry.

Peechi Dam
The Peechi Dam is built across the Manali River and is a popular tourist attraction spot. The catchment area of this Dam has been converted into a beautiful expanse of lovely gardens with fountains and flowering plants. Sprawling over an area of almost 3200 acres, this catchment area is what attracts tourists and locals alike to relax and enjoy themselves.

St. Thomas Memorial
The St. Thomas memorial is located at Kodungalloor and is a famous church. A lot of devotees visit the church and pay tribute to St. Thomas, who is best known as a missionary to India.

Thriprayar Temple
Located towards the south of Trichur, Thriprayar Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Rama. The ornate carvings on the temple walls and pillars are a living example of beautiful and traditional architecture that is so exclusive of Kerala.

Thrissur Pooram
This Pooram is considered to be the mother of all Poorams in Kerala. A grand procession of richly ornamented elephants takes place and is worth a watch. The Trichur Pooram is celebrated in the months of April-May annually.

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