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Travel to Alleppey


Alleppey city of Kerala is a lovely place to visit. The city is also known by the name of Alappuzha. It was named Alappuzha officially, in the year 1990. The town is beautiful and is visited by tourists to relax in serene backwaters. People traveling to Alappuzha usually head straight to the backwaters, beaches and lagoons, which are absolutely synonymous to Paradise. So check out our related sections for information on Alleppey travel like places of interest, excursions, backwaters, etc. The place is absolutely captivating and you won’t feel like leaving once you come here.

Take a one-night cruise on a traditional houseboat on the romantic backwaters of Alappuzha. Gaze at the moon while lying peacefully on the dock while you listen to the soft splashes of water against the houseboat. The houseboats are equipped with all modern amenities like plush carpets, bedrooms with attached bath and onboard food. So you get authentic Kerala cuisine while you sail through the gorgeous backwaters, thinking to yourself whether this place is actually untouched by time. So visit Alleppey if you really want to see what it feels to surrender yourself to nature and feel like been born again

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