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Tipping in Kerala

Tipping in KeralaTipping in Kerala is solely based on your judgment and experience. In fact, there are no hard and fast rules for how to tip in Kerala. Some people tip, some don’t. If you have had a good experience, tip by all means. Else, just pay for the service and get done with it. In Kerala, tipping is not as important as attitude towards the people of Kerala. If you are good to them and show respect, it is more than enough.

  • Tipping is usually done in restaurants when you pay the bill. Ideally, you are supposed to tip 10% of the bill. But most people keep loose change inside the bill book. Also, the name of the restaurant matters a lot. You can keep loose change as tips if it is a small restaurant, else tip approximately 10% of the bill in a big hotel.
  • Tipping service providers at hotels is a usual practice. One can give tips to the bellman, the room service in-charge and the person who brings you food in the room. Giving Rs.20-50 is ideal.
  • People usually do not tip auto-rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, and porters. But if the service is genuinely good, you can tip a small amount. Your tips will be accepted with warm feelings.
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