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Sultan Bathery

Sultan BatheryLocated in the Wayanad district, Sultan Bathery is a small town that derives its present name from the famous ruler Tipu Sultan of Mysore. He built a fort over here in the 18th century. It is also known as Sultan Battery of Wayanad district. Though the fort does not remain any more, the place is worth the visit for the famous Jain Temple. The place was previously known by the name of Ganapathivattom.

The primary occupation of the town people is agriculture. Though the place has a rural background, it has developed tremendously since the 1980’s. Sultan Battery is known for its educational institutions like St. Mary’s College, St. Josephs English Medium school and Sarvajana School to name a few. Sultan Battery is a very famous tourist center. The place is also famous for its pepper plantations among other spice plantations.

The location of Sultan battery is what gives it a very favorable climate throughout the year. The place is located hardly a few hundred meters above sea level. The place has scenic hills that lend a mystical touch to the horizon. The population is as diverse as the geographical features. The place has a huge population of local tribals known as Adivasis. The place is worth the visit if you are looking for some peaceful time to spend amidst calm surroundings.

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