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Sikkim Religions

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Sikkim Religions
Sikkim Religions

The Sikkimese are highly devout people and religions play a major role in Sikkim. Buddhism and Hinduism are the two major religions of Sikkim. Perhaps, Buddhism comes into view as the predominant religious practice in Sikkim. Though, Hinduism is the actual religion that is followed by the majority of people. Buddhism is practiced by most of the Tibetans and the Bhutias. Unlike them, the Nepalese follow the preaching of Hinduism. Besides Buddhism and Hinduism, other religions like Christianity, Islam, etc. also thrive here because the Sikkimese people are tolerant. This tolerance and mutual understanding have allowed people with distinct religious affiliations to peacefully subsist together.

Buddhism is the main religion in Sikkim. In its early years, migrants from Tibet brought this religion to Sikkim and dominated a major part of the state. Sikkim boasts of innumerable monasteries that are assigned to the practice and preaching of Buddhism. It is also said that Guru Rinpoche established Buddhism in the state. Whosoever be the originator, Buddhism is widespread in Sikkim and followed mainly by the Tibetans and the Bhutias.

Hinduism is the leading religion of Sikkim. With the majority of Nepalis, Hinduism is practiced by maximum number of people in Sikkim. The followers of Hinduism celebrate each festival with all gusto and fervor. The doctrine of Hinduism is strictly followed by the Nepalis. Whether it is an event of birth, death or marriage, Nepalis celebrate each and every occasion. In the Nepali society, Brahmins form a special part and these people are liable for performing holy rituals and rites.

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