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Shopping in Mapusa

 Shopping in Mapusa
Shopping in Mapusa

Shopping in Mapusa is steeped in the myriad hues of the Goan rural life. A well-known commercial district, Mapusa provides a number of shopping destinations encompassing local markets and stalls lined along its famous beaches. Mapusa’s famous Friday market beckons vendors and tourists alike with its rustic charm.

Fridays usher in a festive atmosphere in this quaint town as villagers assemble from nearby localities with their produce. As you step inside the bustling bazaar, you will be greeted by a heady concoction of aromas arising from sources as diverse as fish, incense, spices and exotic fruits stacked in colorful heaps on the sidewalks.

What adds color to the shopping experience is the inimitable style of the Goan vendors most of whom are womenfolk attired in colorful dresses. The products in display are manifold including fresh and dried fish, incense, spices, vegetables, and souvenirs from other states of India. The famous traditional spirits of Goa such as toddi and feni are perennial favorites among locals and tourists.

Shopping in Mapusa would be incomplete without a visit to the renowned Wednesday flea market of Anjuna beach.




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