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Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

Owing to its huge size, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park is considered one of the biggest zoos in India. The park houses more than three hundred species of trees including orchids, ferns, and roses. Each of these species has been kept in different houses and even their names have been given accordingly.

The presence of the rare white tiger makes Sanjay Gandhi Biological park unique. Other than white tiger, the park has single male zebra, rhino of single horn, hippopotamus, and many cubs and tigers. The population of leopard is expected to rise in the coming year for they have started breeding now. There are some 70 species of animals. Some rare species of animals such as clouded leopard, crocodile, Himalayan bear, lion-tailed macaque, leopard cat, hog deer, and white peacock, etc. have been kept here. The total population of animals is around 800. The park is an excellent exhibition of wildlife.

Besides exploring the flora and fauna at Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, you can also listen to classical music. Though available only in the morning, the classical music program is worth listening to. The park is a polythene free zone and special care is taken to make the environment free of pollution and pollutant. This park also has an Aquarium and a Snake House. The aquarium has about 35 species of fishes. The park has also preserved five rare species of snakes.

The park has more than ten rhinos which are one-third of total rhinos in India. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park has an exchange pact with Santiago Zoo under which they supplied these rhinos. Rhinos are the major attraction of the park and tourists never miss seeing these rhinos.

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