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Rock Climbing

Rock ClimbingRock climbing is an adventure sport that requires strength and endurance. It always helps if you are trained in climbing rocks or have at least tried this sport once. In Himachal Pradesh, the rocks in natural surroundings are rugged and steep. Safety types of equipment are provided by those who organize these climbs. However, you are required to have a keen observation and a fine sense of judgment when it comes to choosing the right crevices and gaps for finding a foothold.

Rock climbing is slowly gaining the fame and popularity that it long deserved in India. Several mountaineering clubs and institutes have launched courses for novices, amateurs, and professionals who are interested in rock climbing. Beginners should start rock climbing on gentle slopes and then proceed to steeper gradients. Himachal Pradesh is blessed with both gentle and steep terrain; ideal for an amateur and professional respectively. The most popular rock climbing site in Himachal Pradesh is located in Manali. Some popular names of sites are given below.

  • Beas Kund Region
  • Hanuman Tibba
  • Shitidhar Peaks (Origin of River Beas)
  • Deo Tibba
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