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River Rafting

River RaftingRiver rafting is increasingly becoming a very popular sport in the untamed rivers of India. Shooting through the rough river rapids, past tall pine forests, blooming rhododendrons and shiny snow-capped peaks in an inflatable rubber dinghy is quite an adventure. What sets adrenalin rushing is the wild jerks that one experiences when the dinghy tosses over small unseen rocks and sudden rapids! Sounds like fun? Then white water rafting in Himachal Pradesh is just the thing for you.

The best season for trying out river rafting in Himachal Pradesh is from October to late April. However, during late December and January, it becomes too cold and the services for white water rafting are temporarily withdrawn. Monsoons are certainly not the best time for this sport as the rivers become unmanageable due to very strong currents. There are three levels at which one can try river rafting: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim; you can still try out river rafting at gentler rapids.

The various rivers and lakes of Himachal Pradesh provide ample opportunities for tourists to try out river rafting. Check out these places in Himachal Pradesh that are hot spots for trying out river rafting.

  • River Chandrabhaga (Lahaul)
  • River Sutlej (Shimla)
  • River Ravi (Chamba)
  • River Beas (Kullu)
  • River Spiti (Spiti Valley)

Some lakes in Himachal Pradesh also provide river rafting for beginners and novices or those who are not too keen on trying out the rushing rivers. The names of the lakes are given below.

  • Gobind Sagar Lake (Bilaspur)
  • Chamera Lake (Dalhousie)
  • Pandoh Lake (Kullu)
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