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Places to See Near Bilaspur

Places to See Near BilaspurBilaspur is a city situated in Himachal Pradesh, which falls under the district of the same name. The place has everything, right from heritage, religious and adventure places to quiet and calm valleys. Apart from its own attractions, Bilaspur has a lot to offer to incoming tourists in the form of excursions too. One of the most popular tourist attractions near the city is Bhakra Dam. Apart from that, it has others nearby places too that are worth seeing. Some of these have been mentioned in the lines below.

Bhakra Dam
The most popular tourist destination of the place, Bhakra Dam sprawls on an area of 170 sq. kilometer. It is situated in the Bhakra village of Bilaspur, about 13-km upstream from Nangal township. The dam is one of the highest straight gravity dams in the world. The lake is about 90-km long and the view of vast dam and green jungles around is fascinating and rejuvenating.

Located 25 kilometer from Bilaspur, Markand gets its name from sage Markandeya who performed his penance here. The sage underwent severe austerities on his body in pursuit of eternal knowledge. Local people believe that a dip in the sacred waters over here cures infant diseases and sterility. Another attraction at the place is a shrine, located around 20 kilometers from Bilaspur and named after sage who dwelt and worshipped here.

Vyas Cave
Named after the old sage Vyas, the cave is situated at the foot of the new township. According to the legend, Vyas Rishi meditated in this cave. Vyaspur town derived its name from the same cave. Located on the bank of the river Satluj, the place has religious importance for Hindus and is a popular pilgrim destination.

The New Town
The hydropower project and colossal construction has led to development of the new town, which is inhabited by the people working in the project. The hydropower project generates thousands KW of electric energy. The Gobindsagar reservoir behind the dam, on whose banks the new township of Bilaspur has sprung, is 80-km long. Two big generating stations, each with a capacity of 600 millions watts, have been built just below the Bhakra Dam.

Bahadurpur Fort
The highest point of the place, at the altitude of 1980 meters, Bahadurpur Fort attracts many tourists. The fort is located near Tepra Village in Paragana Bahadurpur. It is about forty kilometer away from Bilaspur and is full of beautiful woods of deodar and ban trees.

Kandror Bridge
Situated twenty-two kilometer away from the downtown of Bilaspur, Kandror Bridge is said to be the second highest bridge in the world. The bridge that was built to facilitate easy pass way for travelers is one the major tourist attractions for the tourists visiting Bilaspur.

Situated at the distance of forty kilometers from the city of Bilaspur, Swarghat is an ideal destination. The place is located on Bilaspur-Chandigarh road, at the altitude of 1,220m, and provides excellent view from above to downtown. One can also visit the nearby temple, dedicated to Lakshmi Narayan.

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