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Places to See in Bhojpur

Places to See in Bhojpur

Places to See in Bhojpur
Places to See in Bhojpur

Jagdishpur is the hometown of the rebellion leader of Indian independence struggle – Babu Kunwar Singh. The place is located along the national highway about 35 km from Arrah. The residence of Babu Kunwar Singh has been converted into a museum, with his sword and other armaments put on display.

Located 2 km east of Jagdishpur, Dalaur is known as the location of the final battle between Babu Kunwar Singh and the British forces in 1857.

Bibiganj is a village located 6 km towards the west of Arrah, the district headquarters of Bhojpur. According to historians, a battle between Babu Kunwar Singh and British forces took place in 1857, at a bridge located in the village.

Koilwar is a small town situated on the western back of the river Sone, which is 50 km west of Patna. The healthy climate of this town makes it one of the most frequented places in the tourist map of Bhojpur.

Tar is a village situated about 10 km northwest of Piro. The village derives its name from ‘Tarka’, a giantess killed by Lord Rama. According to a legend, an old tank located in the village was the wrestling ground of Tarka.

Masurhi, a village located 5 km from Jagdishpur, is famous for being the abode of a 300 years old graveyard of Muslim saint – Masar Dewan. The grave is considered a sacred place by the Muslims.

It is believed that Lord Mahavira, the 24th Jain Tirthankar, took rest for a short period at Bisram during his wanderings. Hence, this place is called as Bisram, which means rest. The place houses a temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira. Jains from across the country visit this place to offer prayers to their Lord.

Located about 9 km west of Arrah town, Masash is abode of an ancient Jain temple dedicated to Parshwanath. Construction of this temple was completed in 1819 AD. Images with inscriptions have been found in this temple. Eight images with inscriptions dating back to 1386 A.D have been found in this temple.

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