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Payippad Boat Race

Payippad Boat RacePayippad Boat Race KeralaPayippad boat race is a spectacular event that is held every year in the month of either August or September. In Kerala, Payippad boat race is a major event that draws a huge crowd from all nearby places. The Payippad boat race of Kerala is held in Payippadu near Harippad in Kerala. The boat race is a time to have fun and indulge in festivity in galore.

This one boat race is enough to set the river on fire what with thousands of enthusiastic people flocking the venue to enjoy this event. The main attraction, are the 100 feet long boats that are decorated beautifully by local craftsmen. These boats are popularly known as “snake boats” and can accommodate more than 100 people at a time. Usually, musicians who sing and play instruments, accompany the oarsmen to keep up the energy levels and at the same time make the atmosphere lively and electrifying.

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