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Patna Weather

Patna Weather
Patna Weather

Patna is one of the oldest surviving cities. Historical evidence shows that the city was a flourishing center of culture, political and religious activities. Let’s find out the weather and climate of Patna city.

Patna, being located in a tropical region, has hot weather conditions during summer, and humidity can go up to 100 percent. You must carry light cotton clothes while traveling to Patna in the summer. The temperature during summer may go up to 45 ºC.

Bihar gets most of the rain during August and September. Average rainfall per year is 100 mm and traveling during Monsoon can be exciting and fun.

The whole area wears a pleasant look during the winter months. The period from October to February is the best time to visit Patna and nearby areas. Mercury seldom rises above 20 ºC during winters. You must carry warm woolen clothes while visiting the city in December-Feb.

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