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Orissa Arts And Crafts

Orissa Arts And Crafts

Orissa Arts And Crafts
Orissa Arts And Crafts

The reservoir of the handicrafts of Orissa is very large, consisting of numerous items. One of the basic reasons for the existence of such a wide variety of arts and crafts in the state is that it has witnessed the rule of many rulers. Each of them influenced its culture and its arts and crafts. Orissa witnessed a number of changes in its craft galore, from time to time. This has resulted in the plethora of handicrafts, of which the state can be proud today.

During festivities, artisans are engrossed with the task of making beautiful handicrafts for decoration. This gives them an excellent opportunity to exhibit their talent. It is the artistic work of Odissi people that has brought them in the limelight. Their creations are now recognized worldwide. In fact, the handicrafts of Orissa have opened avenues for trade and commerce with different parts of the country and even overseas.

Fine Arts

  • Painting
  • Etching


  • Applique Work
  • Brass & Bell Metal
  • Silver Filigree
  • Stone Carving
  • Horn Work
  • Lacquer
  • Papier Mache
  • Tribal Combs
  • Wood Carving


  • Odissi Handlooms
  • Tribal Handlooms
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