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Old Goa Tourist Attractions

Old Goa Tourist Attractions
Old Goa Tourist Attractions

Avail Old Goa tours for a glimpse into the chequered history of this ancient capital.

Basilica of Bom Jesus
A must-have on the Old Goa tour, the Basilica of Bom Jesus church is dedicated to Infant Jesus. An epitome of Baroque architecture, this church has been declared a World Heritage Monument. Basilica of Bom Jesus enshrines the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Goa. On the occasion of ‘Exposition,’ held once in a decade, St. Francis Xavier’s body is displayed for the public.

Se Cathedral
One of the largest churches in Asia, the Se Cathedral was dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria since the Portuguese led by Alfonso de Albuquerque conquered Goa on the St. Catherine’s day (November 25) in 1510. The church contains the Golden Bell used during the infamous Goa Inquisition.

Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) set up the Archaeological Museum in the abandoned Convent of St. Francis of Assisi. The 8 galleries of the Archaeological Museum in Old Goa display portraits and sculptures from the prehistoric to the late mediaeval period.

Viceroy’s Arch
The Viceroy’s Arch was built by Viceroy Francisco da Gama, the grandson of Vasco da Gama. A statue of Vasco da Gama, resplendent in his royal uniform, can be seen on top of the arch. Built of laterite stone, the original arch collapsed in 1948 and it was subsequently restored in 1954. Tradition has it that on taking office, all viceroys made the procession under the arch where they would be given the ceremonial key to the city and Goa.




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