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MountaineeringHimachal Pradesh offers a wide range of mountain slopes to tourists for climbing. There are gentle and easy slopes, along with some of the most challenging and treacherous peaks with breath taking views. Mountaineering expeditions are organized every year during the peak season, supervised by trained experts. Mountain climbing and mountaineering are the perfect sports to feel adrenalin rush through your body and make your vacation to Himachal Pradesh, a memorable one!

The slopes of the state remain accessible throughout the year for mountain climbing. The visibility is usually clear and the climb is less hazardous during the months of April to November. This time is also considered to be the peak season for mountaineering in Himachal Pradesh. During monsoons, it is advisable not to go for mountaineering, as there are dangers of landslides and loose rocks. There are ample provisions for beginners as well as experts to try mountain climbing in Himachal Pradesh.

There are numerous locations in Himachal Pradesh that offer mountaineering to tourists. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Manali (Most Popular Destination for Mountaineering)
  • Beas Kund Region (Best for beginners)
  • Lower Hills of the Hanuman Tibba
  • Shitidhar peaks (Origin Point of River Beas)
  • Chandrabhaga Slopes
  • Dhauladhar Slopes
  • Pir Panjal Slopes
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