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Mountaineering in Ladakh

Mountaineering in Ladakh

Mountaineering in Ladakh
Mountaineering in Ladakh

One of the major attractions of Ladakh is its mountain climbing tourism. The major destinations for mountaineering in Leh Ladakh include: 

Nun-Kun Massif
One of the most patronized destinations for mountaineering tourism in Ladakh, Nun-Kun massif is easily accessible from the Kargil-Padum road. Of its six peaks, the highest ones are:

  • Nun (7,135 m)
  • Kun (7,087 m)

Stok-Khangri Massif (South of Leh)
Situated in the Zanskar Mountains, this massif provides some of the most spectacular views of the Indus River. The most popular peaks of Stok-Khangri are:

  • Stok Khangri (6,150 m)
  • Gulap Khangri (5,900 m)
  • Matho West (5,950 m)
  • Kantaka (5,275 m)

Karakoram Range (North of Leh) 
The Karakoram Range lies across the Ladakh Range and the Nubra Valley. The major peaks of this range are:

  • Saser-I (7,415 m)
  • Saser-II (7,513 m)
  • Saser-III (7,495 m)

To the southwest of Leh lies the Konglacha Peak (at a height of 6,700 m). 

In case of foreign climbing expeditions, permission is required to be obtained from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. It takes atleast six months to process such applications.

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