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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking

To the youth, Bikes are the stuff that drives them crazy. Each one of you must have tried your impeccable driving skills at road biking, but in Sikkim, we have something more interesting for you. Yes, champs, you’re right, it is mountain biking. Mountain Biking is a sport that is tantalizing and enticing to try out for yourself. In Sikkim, you can enjoy this adventurous biking sport in the rugged terrain and steep zones.

In recent years, mountain biking has been started, considering the heartening response of tourists in Sikkim. Here, the roads are good enough to afford the solid tires of bikes. For bikers, driving bikes in the mountainous zone becomes the next level of biking after roads. The anticipation says that mountain biking would top the charts of future adventure sports in Sikkim. Within the parts of North Sikkim and West Sikkim, Mountain Biking has been promoted to a great extent.

Moreover, Sikkim boasts of the best mountains in the world to ride on. The fact remains that mountain biking is a thrilling sport ‘coz driving through the cranky roads of hills is not that easy. One also needs to be cautious, while roaming in the unfamiliar lands. If you are a bit hesitant to try mountain biking, leave your worries aside because you can take the help of instructors too. The bikes and other gears are available with the tourism authorities of Sikkim. The popular biking routes in Sikkim are given below.

Mountain Biking Routes
The popular routes for mountain biking start from Gangtok, moving to Phodong, then to Rangrang, Dikchu, Makha, and eventually to Singtam. Another route from Gangtok takes to Lindum, Rumtek, Martam, Sang, Makha, Singtam, Singchuthang, Temi Tea Garden, Ravangla, Dentam, and finally to Lombardy. An additional route in East Sikkim starts from Gangtok, subsequently moving towards Bhusuk, Assam Linzey, Pakyong, Rorathang, Rhenock, Rongli, and ultimately to Aritar.

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