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Mapusa Tourist Attractions

Mapusa Tourist Attractions
Mapusa Tourist Attractions

Mapusa tours will take you to the following tourist attractions of Mapusa:

Anjuna Beach
One of the most popular beaches in Goa, the Anjuna beach spells double whammy for tourists. You can scour the famous Wednesday flea market for exotic artifacts or search for nirvana during the trance parties held on full moon nights. The beach is also known for its palm-fringed landscape.

Calangute Beach
The favorite destination for the majority of tourists descending on Goa. The Calangute beach remains crowded throughout the year and is unrivalled in terms of popularity. The beach boasts of a bustling infrastructure with all the basic facilities like banks, foreign exchange offices, all kind of eateries and medical facilities.

Aguada Fort
A popular spot on the tour to Mapusa, the Aguada fort is the largest fort in Goa and the best-preserved till date. This massive fort was built in 1609-1612 by the Portuguese to foil the attacks of the Dutch and the Marathas. The four-storey lighthouse inside the fort is the oldest of its kind in Asia. The Aguada fort now serves as a prison.

Reis Magos Fort
Located in the Reis Magos village, the Reis Magos fort was built by Sultan Adil Shah in 1490. After the takeover by the Portuguese in 1760, the fort proved to be lynchpin in the fight against invading armies from the neighboring states. The Reis Magos church located at the base of the fort is famous for the colorful ‘Festa dos Reis Magos’ or the Feast of the Three Wise Men.




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