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Kesarval Spring

Kesarval Spring
Kesarval Spring

Apart from a profusion of stunning beaches along the coastline, nature has enriched Goa with a multitude of lakes, waterfalls and other water bodies. Among these the Kesarval spring stands out for its unique characteristics. Located 22 km from state capital Panaji, the waters of the Kesarval spring are renowned for having medicinal properties.

Nestled amidst tropical woodlands and waving betel-nut palms, there is nothing extraordinary about the appearance of the Kesarval spring. But what is lacking in appearance is pretty much made up by the supposed curative nature of the spring water. People from the neighboring areas and faraway places flock the Kesarval spring to purge their ailments with a bath in the spring’s healing waters.

The Kesarval spring takes its name from the Indian word for a flock of eagles that resided among the magnificent forested slopes. During the monsoon season the spring is at its magnificent best, as it tumbles forward in a dashing cascade. But during the summer months the water body is reduced to a lean stream.

How to Reach Kesarval Spring
Located 22 km from Panaji, the Kesarval Spring lies off the National Highway 17 connecting Panaji to Margao. The spot can be reached soon after crossing the bridge on the Zuari River and passing through the village of Cortalim.




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