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Art and Craft of Kerala

Kerala is a land of artistic people. It is almost like the natives of Kerala have art in their blood. The variety of art and craft of Kerala is very lively and emphasizes a lot on the use of colors. You will find intricate designs and vibrant details on Kerala art and craft. In fact, handicrafts in Kerala are pretty much popular and there is a whole festival dedicated just to handicrafts.

Coconut shell carving in Kerala
Coconut shell carving in Kerala

Kerala is renowned for its carvings in metal and wood like rosewood and sandalwood, metal jewelry, granite statues, coconut shell and coir products, snake boat model & other collectibles. A very famous product of handicraft is the wooden face of a Kathakali dancer that is available easily on any roadside shop. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes & shapes. Another famous and popular item for an art collector is figures and paintings of elephants. Elephants are as common as coconut trees in Kerala! These adorable creatures have caught the eye of each and every artist. Statues and paintings of elephants are available all over Kerala.

Keralas Beautiful Eco friendly Handicrafts
Kerala’s Beautiful Eco-friendly Handicrafts

The musical instruments for traditional dance forms are also a form of art. These instruments are handmade and often are carved out of a single piece of wood. Most of these handicrafts are sold overseas due to popular demand. Among those exported are items like refined and polished coconut ashtrays, lamp stands, vases, coir carpets and floor mats, purses & cane furniture. Apart from these, local craftsmen also make beautifully ornamented headgears for elephants.

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