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Himachal Pradesh Music

Himachal Pradesh MusicHimachal Pradesh has a culture that is quite distinct from the rest of the country. This mountainous area thrives in folk songs and its inhabitants never seem to loose an opportunity to revel in some melodious traditional music! Most of the songs are sung with musical instruments, though these songs not necessarily need an accompaniment. There are numerous kids of traditional folk songs of Himachal and many of them are sung on special occasions. Be it a child birth, marriage, anniversary, birthday, etc. the people of Himachal Pradesh always grace the occasion with their traditional music.

Jhoori is a popular form of traditional music in Himachal Pradesh. This type of song is sung in regard to extra marital relations. The songs are usually accompanied by a dance known by the name of “Jhoomar”, which is performed by a woman.

Samskara are folk songs that are sung by women of higher castes during the celebration of major festivals. The songs are composed on the basis of the ragas of Indian classical music, which makes it absolutely melodious and a treat for music lovers.

Ainchaliyan are basically religious songs that are sung at the house of a newly wed bride or an unmarried girl who is about to get married.

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