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Health Precautions for Goa Travel

Health Precautions for Goa Travel
Health Precautions for Goa Travel

Whenever we embark on a vacation, the excitement of discovering a new place often gets to our head and we consciously ignore some basic precautions. The health precautions are usually put on the proverbial backburner amidst the spirit of indulgence and fun. But one should always adopt some basic health precautions lest one falls sick and misses out on the merriment. Following are some health precautions for Goa travel:

  • Always carry a bag of medicines for common ailments such as common cold and an upset stomach.
  • Before setting out on a sightseeing tour make it a point to carry bottled mineral water with you.
  • You might be a sucker for roadside food but check out that proper hygiene has been maintained in the roadside stalls.
  • For a day out in the beaches, use sunglasses and sunscreen lotions.
  • Maintain individual hygiene and regularly wash hands with soap and water.
  • Buy over the counter medicines only from authorized pharmacies.
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