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Hang Gliding

Hang GlidingHimachal Pradesh has something to offer each tourist. Nature lovers can explore the scenic landscapes that have been untouched by time; families can have a gala time exploring tourist attractions while the ancient ruins intrigue the philosophers. The sheer thrill of trying out hang gliding is enough to bring adventure lovers to Himachal Pradesh!

There are ample provisions for those who want to try their hand at hang gliding. Weighing from 7 kg to 25 kg, the take-off power of a hand glider is provided by the pilot’s legs. The person is attached firmly to the glider and has to run some distance to take off. The hand glider has an altimeter, a variometer, and wind speed meters along with other indicators to assess the right movements and safe landing technique. A reserved parachute is always kept for emergency purposes.

Nowadays, improved portable hand gliders also have a small engine and wheel with an extra seat to fly comfortably. Traditionally, hand gliding uses an air current and not the engine to fly and the pilot has to maneuver the glider by shifting weight according to the direction he/she wants to go in. Check out the places where you can try to hang gliding in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Kangra Valley
  • Bir and Billing, Kangra Valley
  • Bundla Dhar, Kullu valley
  • Intkali, Pabbar valley
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