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Arts & Crafts of Gujarat

Gujarat Arts & Crafts
Gujarat Arts & Crafts

Gujarat is one of the most vibrant states of India. This is because it has a rich culture. The people of the state still follow the ancient practices of art and craft with great zeal. Arts & Crafts of Gujarat are famous worldwide. They were originally made for daily use purposes in homes. But with time, the stature of the crafts grew, converting it into a full-fledged industry. Skilled artisans, inherent good taste, creativity, and economical use of the resources contributed to the growth of the art and craft. Consequently, there are varied items available in the craft galore of the state.

The wide array of items to choose from include furniture, jewelry, metalwork items, embroidered garments, colorful linen, leatherwork, beadwork, mirror work, baked clay articles, etc. Gujarat is famous for its furnishings also. You can decorate your home with ethnic craft pieces, ranging from elegant cushion covers to quilts and from tablemats to bedcovers. These items are available in simple colorful geometric designs as well as complex patterns. Gujarat’s arts and crafts are essentially the legacies of its glorious past. They truly reflect the lifestyle, culture, and, above all, the spirit of the state.

The state garment industry of Gujarat is one of the most prosperous ones in India. It provides a wide variety to the buyers. Some of the popular dress items of the industry are Salwars, Kurtas, Ghaghras, Cholis, Odhanis, Skirts, and Jackets. All of these are produced from authentic hand block-printed material.

Gujarat has an ancient history and a glorious cultural heritage. The age-old crafts of the place have survived to date. The art and crafts are preserved and are even practiced widely across the state. The handicrafts of Gujarat are famous for their color scheme, detail, and intricate work & artistic appearance.

Patola Silk
Patola silk is often termed as the queen of all silks. Patola Sarees of Gujarat are one of the finest hand-woven sarees produced today. The place associated with Patola is Patan. Here, exquisite patterns are woven on sarees with great precision.

Gujarat has a large flourishing textile industry which contributes to the arts and crafts of India. The textiles have a large variety to offer to the end consumer. It mainly depends on factors like varied raw materials, a combination of yarns, and the effective use of traditional techniques.

Handicrafts of Gujarat

Gujarat has an ancient history and a glorious cultural heritage. The age-old crafts of the place have survived to date. The art and crafts are preserved and are even practiced widely across the state. The handicrafts of Gujarat are famous for their color scheme, detail & intricate work & artistic appearance. These handicrafts are a product of skilled craftsmanship of India. There is a wide variety available in handicrafts. One can choose from silver jewelry, embroidery, furniture, clay items, handmade durries (carpets), stone crafts & other materials.

Gujarat Handicrafts
Gujarat Handicrafts

Brass and Iron Items
One of the popular crafts of the region is items in Brass and Iron. These items are best found in the former princely state of Saurashtra and Kutch. The items available here are fine beetle nutcrackers, copper-coated iron bells, knives and cutlery. These are made by descendants of the erstwhile court sword smiths and jewelers. Brass items are also manufactured at a large scale here. The brass industry of Jamnagar is one of the largest in India. The items offered here are brass and iron utensils, cutlery, knives, and scissors. One of the best places to buy such stuff is Anjar.

Clay Items
Pottery is one of the oldest handicrafts of the state and is being practiced since ancient times. The creativity of the potter in molding the clay in a well-proportioned utensil is just amazing. Later, these utensils are painted with vibrant colors to make them attractive. Potters in the Kutch region also make beautiful Terracotta toys. Those in the Aravallis and Chhota Udepur tribal lands are proficient in making long-necked terracotta figurines of the Gora Dev (tribal Horse-God). Another place to buy good decorative pieces of terracotta is Poshina. You can pick a host of other items from Kutch, like mud wall paintings, plaques, inset with mirrors, etc.

The art of making wooden furniture is practiced primarily in southern Gujarat. Sankheda, near Vadodara, is known for its lacquered wooden furniture. The craft of making wooden items includes rounding the wood with tools. This is followed by painting it with floral and abstract designs in bright shades of gold, silver, maroon, green, vermilion, and brown. This is done with the help of sticks dipped in a colored mixture of dyes, powdered zinc, lac & resin. Mahuva, Surat & Kutch are also famous for making lacquered furniture similar to that of Sankheda.

Apart from this, the artisans at Surat, Kutch & Saurashtra are skilled at making beautiful designs and intricate filigreed appearance of lace on wood. Rajkot is famous for its Minakari furniture and offers attractive low slung chairs, Indian style sofa sets, chairs, center tables & settees. Woodwork is also practiced at places like Jetpur, Kutch & Pethapur village of Gandhinagar district. Here you can buy old wooden blocks used for printing fabrics which can be joined into a tabletop, decorative screen, or a partition or used as doorknobs, ornamental pieces, or paperweights.

Embroidery is one of the most delicate handicrafts practiced in Gujarat. The art of embroidery is primarily practiced by the wives of herdsmen, nomads & agriculturists, as a second source of income. The patterns vary with the community and region. There is a wide variety to choose from, like Bavaria embroidery, Banni embroidery, Rabari embroidery, as well as the embroidery done by the communities of Ahir, Jats, Sodha Rajputs, Mutwa & Mukka. Apart from the usual embroidery work, the state is also famous for the Gold embroidery done on fabrics.

Gold Embroidery is an ancient craft, practiced since ancient times. The Zari work (gold embroidery) of Gujarat dates back to the Mughal period. Surat is the biggest and the most significant zari manufacturing center in India. The Zari work is practiced mainly in gold and silver threads. It is a detailed and meticulous process. The items are available in the market range from decorative borders, shoe uppers & evening bags to accessories. One of the most popular items here is Kinkhab, which is woven using gold and silver threads.

Dhurries, carpets, blankets & rugs are still woven on primitive pit looms in the villages of Kutch. The artisans weave the designs with their hands and work on the machines operated by foot pedals. These carpets are known for their beautiful patterns, contrasting color schemes & intricate weaving. The durries available here are made from wool, goat hair & cotton. As a result, handloom weaving is an important occupation in villages, situated on the Ahmedabad – Bhavnagar highway.

Silver Jewelry
Silver jewelry is the specialty of the state of Gujarat. The premier centers of silver ornaments are Rajkot and Ahmedabad. Other than this, Kutch is also known for silver engravings and ornaments. You can also pick tribal jewelry in silver from Poshina. Some nice daggers and knives with beautiful sheaths and hilts can also be bought from here. Khambhat (Cambay) is known for the ancient craft of stone cutting and bead making. Many precious and semi-precious stones are cut and polished here along with Agate. It is mined in the hills along the Gulf of Khambhat. They are finally converted into polished ornaments and utensils.

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