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Karnataka – Overview 
Karnataka, the eighth largest state of Indian republic is no less than ‘Solomon’s Mine.’ It is one of the four major states of the Indian south. The state stands over Deccan Plateau and is surrounded by the states – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Goa. A part of it, that lies to the west of the state, faces the Arabian Sea and constitutes the Western Coastal Plains in India. Karnataka is a very famous place and you will find more than a single contributor to this fact.

Karnataka enjoys a culture and a life style of its own; one that is unique and not like other south Indian states. One of the greatest contributions that we owe to Karnataka has been the emergence and development of Carnatic Music. This devotional and philosophic music has inspired millions and is one important variable that characterizes the popular culture. The state has given birth and fostered some prominent musicians in the Indian sub continent.

Carnatic Music is not the only trail you will find following at Karnataka. The panorama of Karnataka withholds many faces. Hills, beaches, waterfalls, woodlands, monuments, religious places are some of popular elements you will find at Karnataka. Apart from that, the state also constitutes some of the developed cities of India.

Karnataka – History 
The history of Karnataka can be traced back as early as the stone age. A stone age implement excavated here provides one such clue. It is amazing to believe that people actually have been inhabiting this place even some 3000 years before. However, the golden era started with Mauryans followed by Chalukyans, Hoysalas, Bahmani and Adil Shahi kings. The state as such bear impressions of the popular Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim dynasties that have once ruled the place.

Chandragupta Maurya, titled as the first emperor of India, is believed to have spent his last moments here. The great emperor had converted to Jainism and breathed his last while on fast at Sravanabelgola. The place is now a prime pilgrimage place for Jains. Till medieval era the mighty dynasties of the south which include Pallavas, Chalukyas and Cholas dominated the Deccan Plateau.

Medieval era was much chaotic and many wars were fought for the territory. It also witnessed the emergence of Muslim power in the state. The mighty Vijayanagar kingdom, whose foundation was laid by the brothers Harihara and Bukka, shook and collapsed in 1565. With that Bahmanis came to power. Towards the end of the medieval period the Sultans were in power and Mysore was an established centre in the state. Tipu Sultan now had to face the British and after successive wars the Sultan succumbed. The throne was presented to Wadiyars by the British, who held the status of governors till 1956 when Karnataka state was created.

Karnataka – Tourist Destinations 
Karnataka holds a place of its own in the multi cultural lands of India. The state is a great place to be at. The cities are par distinction and equipped to meet out the challenges of a metropolitan technologically savvy society. No wonder Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is called the Silicon Valley of India. The state has places in abundance – places that gives a break from the scheduled hectic life. Hills, beaches, waterfalls, rivers portray the beauty of Karnataka. Some popular tourist destinations in the state include Bangalore, Mysore, Kodagu or Coorg, Madikeri, Mangalore, Hassan, Hampi, Udupi ,Vijayanagar, Bijapur.

Karnataka – Adventure 
A charming land, Karnataka is surfeited with magnificent mountains, mighty rivers, ravishing rivulets, lovely becks, shimmering rivulets, dense primieval forests and host of several other natural resources. All these natural jewels together make Karnataka a popular destination for adventure sports like trekking, parasailing, paragliding, hang-gliding, wildlife safari, rock climbing, mountaineering, river rafting, angling, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and caneoing.

Karnataka – Temples
Popular temples of Karnataka display great works of art and reveal the splendour of some of the great dynasties in power, in the past. Apart from that there are several pilgrimage places located with in this state that see a lot of pilgrims who come to pay homage every year. Some famous temples in Karnataka are the ISKCON Temple, Hoysaleshvara Temple, Kedareshvara Temple, Indragiri Hill, Chandragiri Hill, Krishna Temple Udupi, Virupaksha Temple.

Karnataka Wildlife
Karnataka is dotted with wildlife reserves and forest tracts. Evergreen forests of the Western Ghats and the tracts lying to the south of Vindhyas hold a plethora of living forms. A number of wildlife sanctuaries and parks lie abutted by the state boundaries. The reserves support hundreds of species, of plants and animals. Some major wildlife reserves include Bandipur National Park, Nagarhole National Park, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Transportation – Karnataka
Airlines : A total of five airports render their services in the region. These airports are located at Bangalore, Hubli, Mysore, Belgaum and Mangalore. Domestic and international flights operate from these airports.

Railways : Karnataka state is well connected with rail lines that lay spread all over. Railway networks covers about 3090 kms in Karnataka. Major rail heads in the state are Bangalore, Hubli-Dharwad, Mangalore, Hassan, Gulbarga and Belgaum.

Roads : Road network further connects different cities and towns of Karnataka. The state sees a total of six national highways providing the access to the state. The interiors of Karnataka are served by state highways and rural roads. Buses, mini buses, rickshaws and taxis are some popular means of transport.

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