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Excursions Around Jhansi

Excursions Around Jhansi

Excursions Around Jhansi
Excursions Around Jhansi

Barua Sagar JhansiThere are quite a few excursion destinations around Jhansi. These excursion spots have historical and heritage value attached to them. Nearly all these sites are in a range of 70-80 Kilometers from Jhansi and that is why you need not stay there for the night. Following are some of the major excursions around Jhansi: –

This religious town falls between Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and is famous because it was home to Tulsi Das, the composer of Ramcharitmanas. The town that is situated amidst hills boasts of several temples and relics related to the life and times of Lord Rama. Notable among these are Sphatik Shila, Hanuman Dhara, Ram Ghat and Janki Kund

Barua Sagar
Barua Sagar is located just 24 kilometers from the city of Jhansi. This otherwise sleepy village rose to prominence because of some of the historical events that marked this place in 18th century. Barua Sagar is a spot where the local Budels took on the mighty Maratha Empire in the year 1744 A.D. The place is named after the Barua Sagar Tal, a large lake created over 250 years ago when Raja Udit Singh of Orchha built the embankment. The place is also famous for a magnificent fort. The fort commands an excellent view of the lake and surrounding landscape.

Parichha that is situated 25 odd kilometers from Jhansi is an interesting excursion location around Jhansi. The place is famous for a dam that has been built on the Betwa River. The area is rich in scenic beauty. A good sighting spot from the dam gives a marvelous view of Betwa River and its reservoir. The reservoir is ideal for water sports such as white water surfing.

Samthar is situated 65 kilometers from downtown Jhansi. The place that was formerly called Samshergarh was an independent estate during the periods of turmoil that stretched all through 17th and 18th century. The place was ruled and defended by valiant Gujjar warriors. There are quite a few places that are in depleted condition due to lack of maintenance. The place can be visited for some good frescos that are done on the outer as well as inner walls of the palaces.

The place is 50 kilometers from Jhansi and is considered a good excursion destination. The place boasts off a palace that covers an area of 5 acres. This palace cum force is built on a hillock and is surrounded by three massive stonewalls.

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