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Deoli Fish Farm




Deoli Fish Farm, which comes under the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, came into existence in the year 1962. It is spread over an area of 4.4 hectares and has 14 nursery ponds and 2 big brood stock tanks. The hatchery was originally used only to stock seeds for Gobind Sagar reservoir, but in 1978, a small aquarium was built here to demonstrate fish species to the public. In 1989, the training courses on fish farming were started at the Deoli Fish Farm for the staff as well as the people interested in the profession.

Today, it also runs courses on modern fish breeding and culture technique training. For the students coming from the other states and cities, hostel facility is also available. Deoli Fish Farm is quite famous throughout India for its work in fish breeding, training in fish culture and research programs. It has played an active role in making many fishermen prosperous and showing them new ways of generating income.

Deoli Fish Farm has also been a pioneer in stocking Silver Carp fish in Gobind Sagar reservoir, due to which its fish production capacity per hectare has become the highest in the country. It has also been a pioneer in ‘Fish Culture in Running Water’, which was especially suited for the high-altitude areas of Himachal Pradesh. Tourists have been attracted to the Gobind Sagar Lake, due to sport fisheries and anglers love the Mahseer fish bred here.




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