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Delhi Zoo

Delhi Zoo

Delhi Zoo
Delhi Zoo

Established in the year 1959, Delhi National Zoological Park lies near the famous Old Fort. One of the best zoos in the entire Asian continent, its uniqueness is that it tries to provide an almost natural habitat to the animals and birds houses here. It proves to be an ideal picnic spots, especially in winters, and is spread over an area of 214 acres. National Zoological Gardens of New Delhi houses more than 2,000 species of animals and birds.

Belonging to different places like Africa, America, Australia, etc, these animals and birds find a home at this zoo. The entrance to the Delhi Zoo consists of the Mughal Kos Minar. The winding pathway, laid with the red Badarpur gravel, swerves off into two directions after approximately one km. Along with the wildlife on both the sides, the right side of the zoo also consists of a library, a storehouse of information on animals, birds, plants, rare zoological species, etc in India.

Wildlife at Delhi Zoo
The right walkway brings you to the cages of the animals such as Chimpanzee, Hippopotamus, Spider monkey, African Wild Buffalo, Gir Lion and Zebras etc. While, the left one leads you to the enclosures of the water animals. You cal also see a number of migratory birds like Peafowl, Hyenas, Macaque, Jaguar, etc in the swamps made for the water birds. At the heart of the zoo, lies the underground Reptile Home complex for the nocturnal animals like King Cobra, Pythons and a number of other species.

Fauna at Delhi Zoo
There are approximately 200 varieties of trees in the National Zoological Park of Delhi, properly displayed with their respective descriptions. Some of them are hanging deep yellow Alamtas or the Phulahi hedges, drought resistant Lahura trees, Delhi Bistendu, etc.

The best way to view New Delhi National Zoological Gardens is on an open-roofed mobile van, available at affordable charges within the zoo. There is also a cafeteria outside the zoo.

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