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Communication in Kerala

Communication in Kerala

Communication in Kerala
Communication in Kerala

Communication in Kerala is not a problem at all. The state may look untouched by time; you will be amazed to find the latest modes of communication in Kerala. So if you are wondering how to communicate in Kerala, read on further to know the various communication facilities in Kerala.

Kerala realizes the importance of high-speed communication through the Internet. Almost everyone in the state is well versed with the Internet. There are many Internet cafes in Kerala that provide facilities for surfing the net at minimal costs. You will find at least one Internet café on every major road in Kerala.

Kerala has telephone facilities all through the state. Even the remotest village will have a phone booth that provides local calls, trunk calls as well as international calls. Cell phones are also easily available in Kerala. You can always buy a mobile and get a local number from any good shop in Kerala.

Most shops offer fax facilities along with calling facilities. You can avail this facility at very nominal charges. Fax facilities are available all through Kerala on roadside shops.

Postal Services
The total number of post offices in Kerala is almost 5000! Every remote village, town, and district has postal services. People till date take pride in writing letters and communicating with their dear ones than depending on the Internet and emails.

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