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Bihar School of Yoga

Bihar School of Yoga

Bihar School of Yoga
Bihar School of Yoga

Yoga is the key ingredient to keep the mind as well as the body healthy and strong for lifetime. Established on this premise, Bihar School of Yoga dates back to the year 1964, when it was founded as the headquarters of International Yoga Fellowship. It endeavors to give yogic training to householders and sannyasins alike. The first yoga teacher training course was held here in 1968. Since then, the school has grown into a highly regarded International Training center of great prominence.

Bihar School of Yoga houses a Yoga Research Library. Comprising of a well-stocked and large collection of books and data, the library is an asset in itself. Here, you will find the school’s publication on Yoga, health techniques and research, apart from other books on yoga. The school, located at Ganga Darshan, is built over a large hill overlooking the Utter-Vahini Ganga. The location of the training is very apt, as it provides the perfect ambience for the establishment of such a training centre.

Set up amidst an atmosphere of natural beauty, surrounded by picturesque gardens, green paddy fields and a magnificent 180 degree vista flounce of the river Ganga, Bihar School of Yoga enthuses a new vision of yogic life. The method of integral yoga that is taught in the institute comes across as a blend of all that is beneficial for the personal development of an individual. Bihar School of Yoga has always been acknowledged for its exceptional sannyasa training. It is first and only institute to initiate and train female sannyasins, from India as well as overseas, on a large scale.

Yoga Teachers Training, Yoga Health Management, Individual Sadhana, Hriya Yoga, Mantra Meditation and other advance courses are conducted by trained sannyasins, on a group or individual basis, for day as well as residential students of the institute. Bihar School of Yoga also has the provision of accommodation for those who come from the distant places to get their yoga training. The school is well equipped with a wide range of equipments and is staffed and managed by sannyasins, along with the disciples of the ashram.

Apart from teaching, the trained sannyasins of Bihar School of Yoga conduct conventions, tours, seminars, workshops and lectures, in order to help spread the yogic message “from door to door and from shore to shore”. This aim behind the tours and lectures is to offer solutions for those who are interested in yoga, but find it impossible to undertake a
journey to the distant region of Munger or any of the branches of the institute. Whenever you get a chance to be in Munger, make sure to pay a visit to Bihar School of Yoga.

Contact Address
Bihar School of Yoga
Ganga Darshan,
Munger, Bihar,
Tel: 06344-22430
Fax: 06344-2316
Website: www.yogavision.net
Email: bsy@yogavision.net

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