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Badami Tourist Attractions

Badami Tourist Attractions

Badami Tourist Attractions
Badami Tourist Attractions

Badami tours would take you to the ancient cave temples and the Badami Fort.

Cave Temples
The cave temples figure prominently in the itinerary of tourists descending on Badami. Perched atop a flight of 200 steps, the temple complex consists of four ancient rock-cut caves replete with carved pillars and bracket figures. Of the four temples, three are Brahmanical temples while the fourth one is a Jain cave. The third cave temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, stands out among the lot for its sheer size and sculptural elegance.

Badami Fort
An uneven, steep and winding flight of steps between caves 2 and 3 lead to the imposing Badami fort. Within the ramparts of the fort, nestle a large granary, an underground chamber which must have served as a treasury or private audience hall and many other architectural marvels. The fort, whose chief attraction is the Tipu’s cannon, also houses a carved temple raised on top of the northern end of the hill.

Agasthya-Tirtha Lake
The 5th century Agastya-Tirtha Lake located beneath the cave temples is considered holy due to the healing powers of the lake water. The eastern banks of the Agasthya-Tirtha Tank are dotted with a cluster of Bhoothanatha temples.

Bhoothanatha and Malegitti Temples
The Bhoothanatha temple houses an 18-armed Shiva, Ganesh, Mahishamardini Durga, Varaha and Nrisingha incarnations of Vishnu. The pillared hallway is ornamented with exquisite artwork. The Malegitti Visalia Temple (late 7th century) is another major attraction of Badami.

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