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Ambalavayal Heritage Museum

Ambalavayal Heritage MuseumThe Ambalavayal Heritage Museum is situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala. Being an archeological museum in Wayanad, Ambalavayal heritage museum has a good collection of some rare artifacts that date back to the 2nd century. They are a testimony to the fact that ancient human civilization existed here in an organized form. Among the collection of the artifacts and curios, one can find items like arrows, bows, prehistoric stone weapons, clay models and sculptures, etc. The Ambalavayal heritage museum, Kerala has an interesting collection for historians and layman alike.

How to Reach

The nearest airport is Kozhikode Airport, which is located around 120 kilometers from this place.

The Kozhikode railway station is around 97 kilometers from here.

Reaching this museum by roads is very easy as it is well connected by a wide network of roads.

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