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Explore Goa
Explore Goa

Goa-Beach-Nat1Along the west coast of India lies a small state, beauty of a place and as live as can be. Goa – with its pristine beauty and its sublime character intoxicates the travellers that pass through. It is a gateway to the seas of happiness witholding waves of contend. If you can’t be merry here then you better quit considering your travel plans and schedules.

Located along the coastal belts of Konkan, Goa is a treasure trove for tourists. It is one big name in the tourism industry. Goa is the second smallest state in India (area wise) that lies abutted by the Arabian Sea. The eastern and southern boundaries are secured by Karnataka state, where as the state shares its northern borders with Maharashtra state. The western region stands over the Konkan coastal belts and faces the sea. Sea shores have given Goa much more than the towering peaks give to the north Indian states. Beaches are the most attractive and the much prized gifts the state is endowed with.

Goa is a beach paradise. The alluring aquamarine drenched feeling and the pale white sandy beaches invites quite a crowd. This erstwhile Portuguese colony has a very distinct identity. The occupation by the foreign state has left some indelible impressions. Popular culture reveals very lively and liberal characters. Monuments and historical places adds up to mixed feelings – Goa is one place that stands far at the edge considering the popular culture.

Goa History
The starting pages of Goan history highlight an era between third century B.C. to the beginning first century A.D. Goa was then a part of Mauryan empire. Towards the end of this era mighty emperors from the Deccan started towards the conquest of Goa. The state consequently fell into the hands of Satvahanas, who came all the way from Maharashtra. Their supremacy retained till the coming of the Chalukyas. This scene continued till eighth century A.D. Following few centuries were more chaotic and power shifted amongst the Chalukyans, Kadambs and Silharas.

The next great event to surpass the Goan history was the emergence of the popular Muslim power that extended from north to central India. The state (Goa) came under Delhi Sultanate in the 14th century A.D. However, the control over the region soon succumbed and Vijayanagar kings emerged to hold the reins. They too could not hold the power for long and gave way to Bahmani Sultans and Adil Shahis.

The conquests to Goa by foreign power started in the 16th century. Portuguese traders, who had previously landed in Kerala marched towards the state. The Portuguese in their quest for spice trade reached Goa and seized the control. From that very moment till 1961 the state was ruled by the Portuguese. On 12th December 1961, Indian army moved in and seized the control. Portugal, however, formally agreed to the annexation in the year 1974.

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Goa – Tourist Destinations
Goa is one of the most visited tourist place in India. This exuberant beach state lures tourists from all corners of the world. Apart from that, the state is also famous for its unique heritage and historical places. Pleasant climate, cosmopolitan culture and its genteel population serve as desserts after a refreshing vacation as meals. From luxurious resorts to small taverns, you will find quite an experience at Goa. Some important tourist destinations in the state include Old Goa, Mapusa, Panjim, Arambol, Canacona, Margao, Marmagao, Vasco Da Gama, Ponda.

Goa Beaches
Beaches are the most coveted places in Goa. These salubrious stretches of land have won great favors for the state. The beaches are amongst the best in the world. Leisure and facilities are readily available here. Gentle surf, soft sand shores, resorts, swaying palms and ancient monuments and more, all contributes to wonderful stay at Goa. Popular beaches at Goa include Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Benaulim Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Calangute Beach, Colva Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Varca Beach, Candolim Beach, Majorda Beach, Vagator Beach.

Churches of Goa
At Goa you will find some amazing buildings and structures that were erected during the Portuguese occupation. Amongst the important structures special reference has been given to churches. A large number of tourists and travellers find their way to these popular attractions. Other than their building structure these churches are also famous for historical events associated with them. Some popular churches in the state are Church Of Our Lady Rosary, Convent and Church of St Francis, Basilica De Bom Jesus Church, Se Cathedral Church,Convent and Church of the Cross of Miracles, Royal Chapel of St Anthony, the Chapel of St Catherine, the Church and Convent of St Monica, The Church of Camelites.

Goa – Wildlife
A part of Sahayadiri ranges fall in the state of Goa. These small hilly ranges of the Western Ghats homes to a great many species of birds. Moving away from the hills and towards the Arabian Sea tropical climate takes over. The warm temperature and the loamy soil helps the vegetation and so does the low lying hills. These hills are responsible for adequate rainfalls and forest growth is more spread over here. A mere ten percent of the land area in Goa constitutes the wildlife reserves. Even though, some exotic bird and animal species are found in Goa. Important wildlife sanctuaries include Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Bondla Sanctuary, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

Goa Resorts
Goa, often referred to as the ‘beach paradise’, draws thousands of tourists from India as well as different parts of the world. For these tourists Goa offers plenty of accommodation options including some of the finest resorts of the world. These resorts, known for their contemporary amenities and warm hospitality, provide you a comfortable and memorable stay. Moreover, most of the resorts in Goa have luxury spas, which offer Ayurveda therapies to unite your body, mind and soul. Far from the hustle and bustle of cities, Goa resorts take you to a secluded world, where you can relax, relax and relax.

Goa Carnival
Goa Carnival, the most eagerly awaited festival in Goa is celebrated every year in the month of February for three days and nights. A unique and exclusive festival to Goa, Goa Carnival was introduced by the Portuguese who ruled over the state around 500 years. Initially started as a rowdy celebration by the local people, the Goa Carnival has now crossed the boundaries of the state and attracts thousands of people from almost all parts of the country. A number of events epitomizes the festival including parades with bands, dances and songs with colourful costumes, stage play, mock battles etc.

Art & Culture
Goa, a cultural bridge between the east and the west, boasts of rich art and culture. The Portuguese had ruled over Goa from 1510 to 1961 and their influences are still visible in Goa

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